For Individuals, Couples, and Small Groups

Our workshops are generally customized to fit the needs of the audience. However, we have developed the templates below to help you choose a program that would best meet your needs
1-Hour Consultation

This is an initial meeting, where we discuss your specific financial needs and goals. In addition, we provide a breakdown of what you can expect from us as your financial coaches. We also share with you our expectations of you, which must be met in order to realize the best financial outcomes for you and your family.

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1-Hour Consultation
1-Day Group Session

This is a one day intensive where we go through the Foundations of Financial Success in a day (approximately 6 hours with breaks included). This is for individuals who have a group of family or friends who want to obtain a higher net worth and see a transformation in the management of their finances. This program does not offer follow-up services. 

Financial Fitness Coaching Program

Our Financial Fitness program offers 5, one hour coaching sessions according to a customized schedule to help you establish and move forward with your personalized financial plan. We equip you with practical tools to meet your money goals and we follow up with you monthly for 6 months, providing accountability and personalized resources and coaching.


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